From Zero to Success

Become a Developer

From zero
to success

Starts in

May 2021

Bundle Price

580 Euro

470 Euro

20% special discount

Program Duration

3 months

Program Modules

You can choose between enrolling for the whole program, including each of the three modules, or enroll for a module of the program.

Program Modules

  1. Java and OOP Fundamentals
  2. QA Fundamentals
What you'll learn

The course aims to acquaint the audience with Java and to give basic knowledge of the language itself. Also, to present acceptable practices for planning and implementation of the software regardless of the technologies used.

What you'll learn
The course is designed for people with zero or minimal knowledge in the field of software testing. It is also suitable for people who already work in the IT field (testers, QA, or even programmers), but have gaps in one or more of the modules in the course.

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